Standing Lamps

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Standing Lamps for Function and Form in Your Home's Lighting

Standing lamps are often used to create ambiance in rooms of the home. Many people take their lighting for granted, but for those who are more discerning and aware standing lamps quite often make a superior choice to table lamps or other kinds of lighting like ceiling, recessed, or track lighting.

Directional standing lamps may be used to enable whatever needed situational lighting is required for a room. Standing lamps can also be placed strategically, and moved around fairly easily if need be in order to get the best use out of them. They tend to be able to throw more light than table lamps, but if there is a power switch with more than one level or a dimmer switch then these tall lights can also be made to be softer as the need or desire might demand. These floor lamps can be placed behind chairs or other pieces of furniture to enable reading, they can be placed at the beginning of a hallway to light one's way as one enters that passage, they can be used in place of table lamps in order to free up more surface space on a room's tables, and so on.

But the other way in which standing floor lamps are used to create a room's atmosphere is through their own design. Floor lamps have come to be seen as works of art by many home decorators and artisans. Lamps of this style can now be found in a vast array of different materials, colors, shapes, and designs. Your floor lamp could be black cast iron...or teak wood...or carved aqua marine the shape of a fiction looking...Victorian looking...the classic Tiffany design...and on and on with seemingly endless possibilities. Your standing floor lamps can always be coordinated with the overall look, feel, or decor of any room that requires lighting, providing needed form as well as necessary function.

When you go to buy standing floor lamps, first have an idea in mind how you want your choice of lighting to match up with the target room's overall decor. You also need to know the height that the room in question will be able to take, so that you don't buy and cart home a lamp that turns out to be too tall for the room or the place in the room where you had planned to place it. Have an idea in mind about what you want before you start making buying decisions; a floor lamp can look good in the catalogue or on the showroom floor, but then not look very good in your home.

Don't take your home's lighting for granted. Consider all of your lighting options carefully based both on functionality and aesthetics. Make standing lamps a part of your lighting considerations.